Fife Hotels

The Scottish fishing villages of Fife lie on a peninsula between the firths of Forth and Tay. Next door to lively Edinburgh, Fife is a quiet neighbour with stunning natural scenery enjoyed by many throughout the year.

Places to enjoy while you are here should include the fifteenth century Falkland Palace, once resting place of Mary Queen of Scots.

A visit to Fife should include a tour of the Secret Bunker. Situated ten storeys below land level, the Crown Building hideaway is said to provide protection in the event of a third world war. Deep Sea World provides relaxation with a difference. Experience the timelessness of sea life from the longest tunnel of its kind in the world.

A major landmark of the area is that of the Firth of Forth. Travel across it to North Queensferry for a taste of peace and tranquillity and back again to the Edinburgh side where life is somewhat busier.

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