Amsterdam Hotels

Famous for tulips, diamonds, canals and Van Gogh, Amsterdam was named when its River Amstel was damned back in the 13th century.

Places to visit while here might include the tourist heaven and pigeon mecca of Dam Square. With lots going on and much to see, you'll find you enjoy returning to the area for refreshments, people watching and perpetual street performing.

You will most likely want to visit the house of Anne Frank as well as the home of Rembrandt and Van Gogh Museum while you are here. You will find these places of significant local interest within easy walking distances from each other.

Of course no visit to Amsterdam would be complete without an innocent stroll around the red light district. This area can be found running between Warmoesstraat and Nieumakt Square and is best avoided if you are easily shocked. The local area of De Wallen is a popular haunt on Stag Nights. This is where window prostitution can be seen as well as a wealth of sex shopping outlets.

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