Florence Hotels

Renaissance lovers head to Florence for a sense of its greatness. A proud city surviving floods and bombs, Florence continues to survive.

Places to see should include the grand Duomo in the Piazza del Duomo. Construction began in 1296 but was designed and completed by Brunelleschi in the nineteenth century. There is no shortage of beautiful architecture and wondrous art to take in while in Florence. Around each corner lies a new surprise. Peppered with tiny cobbled alleyways, you never can tell what is ahead of you. Will it be a pretty piazza with the Santa Maria Novella church awaiting you or the Piazza della Signoria with its sculpture display at the dei Lanzi Lodge?

While here, a walk over the Ponte Vecchio bridge with its great views of the River Arno and busy jewellery shops will lead you to the splendour of the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. A trip to the heart of Florence is an amazing step back in time.

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