Galway Hotels

Known as the 'City of Tribes' Galway offers generous quantities of culture, history and beauty. Many visitors to Galway fall in love with it and decide to stay. It could happen to you too.

Places to see while in Galway include the lovely Eyre Square providing a green and spacious break from the narrow streets of the local residences. The City centre is an intimate coastal area with many pubs and clubs at every turn. Galway is famous for its live music and fun loving atmosphere.

Trips out of town to the stunning villages of Furbo and Barna are highly recommended. It is here that you will soak up all the Irish culture the villages have to offer. There is the rugged Connemara National Park to enjoy if you love wild and natural landscape. Salthill is a revamped seaside resort town worthy of a visit and offering plenty to do.

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