Budapest Hotels

Home to the River Danube and famous for its traditionally tantalising goulash and warm and friendly hospitality, Budapest is the capital of post-communist Hungary.

Places to see in Budapest should include the healing Gellert Baths based at the Gellert Hotel. Next, visit the green rolling Buda Hills where it is peaceful and provides a glorious view of the Danube River as well as the city that lies beneath. The Buda Hills provide a useful escape from hectic downtown Budapest crowds. Booking into a local 'panzio' or family run guesthouse in the Hills would make for a peaceful base for touring.

For a traditional viewpoint of the city, a trip into the Old Town is very much recommended with its old cobbled streets and ancient dramatic architecture. The Castle District too can offer amazing medieval and baroque facades.

Popular in Budapest are the 'covered markets' offering primarily Hungarian craftsmanship. Here, you’ll find a perfect place to pick up an authentic piece of traditional handicraft.

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