Athens Hotels

An old city dating back three thousand five hundred years, Athens is famous for being the birthplace of human civilisation. In ancient Athens, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle gave the world philosophy, while democracy was born at the meeting place of the Pnyx.

The capital of Greece, Athens sits on the south east of the country and spans across eight hills. A trip to Athens is a trip back in time, a very long way.

Places to see while here should include a trip to the heritage site of the Acropolis. Here you will discover, upon the hill, that what remains of the 5th century BC Parthenon. The place of early beginnings, you must visit the Dionysos Theatre (one of the oldest theatres in the world) as well as the Pnyx, where the first public meeting was held.

If pretty old settlements are the order of the day, a visit to the old town of Plaka comes highly recommended with its numerous ancient monuments and Byzantine places of worship.

Accommodation in the city centre is best for people touring the sites. When your feet tire, there is the Metro to assist you.

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