Vienna Hotels

Situated in central Europe, Vienna is probably most famous for being the land of the waltz and home to Johann Strauss. The layout of Vienna is fairly straightforward what with the Danube winding its way through the city and the fact that all the districts are numbered.

Places to see should include the medieval Inner Stadt with its monuments aplenty and its welcoming squares. If architecture is something you take an interest in, how about some Rococo period designs of the Palace of Belvedere in Landstrasse. Don't worry if your feet are worn-out as Vienna’s tram service is there to take the weariness out of sightseeing.

As you travel out of town towards the 17th to 19th districts, you will see how green and natural the environment becomes from its centre of densely packed cobbled streets.

In Vienna, it is important to try out one of the many prized taverns. Here you will be encouraged to sample locally produced wines in quaint interiors. Accommodation is more reasonably priced in the centre of the city. Vienna is well known for possessing the most lavish of hotels in Europe

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